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WELL implemented. How to successfully implement a WELL training project

WELL implemented. How to successfully implement a WELL training project

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This is a WELL funded professional development resource to support the building of competencies required to implement a successful WELL training project. It has been developed in consultation with the Australian WELL Practitioners’ Network and WELL practitioners, and is a companion resource to WELL considered. How to effectively develop a WELL training solution and prepare a winning WELL training application.

This resource is designed to be used by any individual involved in implementing a WELL training project, to assist them in planning, delivery and administration. Its scope does not include the implementation of Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) WELL training projects.

This resource supports the competencies needed to:

  • Project manage a WELL training project
  • Prepare the workplace, the WELL practitioner, the training solution, the facilities, and the training and assessment materials
  • Promote the training, implement the language, literacy and numeracy assessments, deliver the training and monitor the project
  • Administer the project to meet WELL Program contractual requirements

The roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in WELL training projects vary from project to project and may include WELL managers, WELL administrators, WELL practitioners, employers, vocational practitioners and WELL brokers, all potential users of this resource. Users need to adapt the resource to their own job role and work context.

This is a professional development resource that must not only be read. To obtain full benefit it must also be engaged with actively by completing the reflections and activities found in the boxes.

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