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Kitchen and bathroom cabinetmaking

This website provides learning materials, self-check exercises and assignments to support a range of competencies from the Certificate III in Cabinetmaking (Kitchens and Bathrooms).

The text is written in plain English and there is extensive use of photos and line drawings. Each paragraph of main content has a ‘play’ button which allows the user to play the voice-over narration for that block of text and see an enlarged version of the photo for that paragraph. There are also other presentations options available, including a ‘Slideshow’ version which shows full-sized images and plays the voice as a continuous narration.

The ‘lesson’ pages contain learning activities to reinforce the concepts presented, and there are assignments at the end of each section that can be used for assessment purposes. Interactive exercises are also used throughout the resource, including self-check quizzes, questionnaires, and drag-and-drop style activities.

The overall objective of the resource is to help learners to acquire the underpinning knowledge needed to satisfy the theoretical components of these cabinetmaking units. This will assist them when they undertake the practical training on-site. Although the resource is designed specifically for learners with literacy or numeracy difficulties, it is suitable for any apprentices undertaking the kitchen and bathroom cabinetmaking trade course.

Set out below are the on-line unit titles and corresponding competencies covered by the website.

Learning Unit Title Competencies Covered
Working sustainably MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
Working safely MSAPMOHS200A Work safely
Making measurements MSAPMOPS101A Make measurements
Preparing for installation LMFKB2001A Prepare for cabinet installation
Processes in K&B projects LMFKB3001A Identify processes in kitchen and bathroom projects
Installation requirements LMFKB3002A Determine requirements for installation
Checking fit of cabinets LMFKB3003A Check and measure fit of cabinets
Adjusting cabinets on-site LMFKB3004A Conduct on-site adjustments to cabinets and components
Fabricating cabinets LMFKB3005A Fabricate cabinets for the built-in environment
Installing cabinets on-site LMFKB3006A install fitted cabinets and components
Installing furnishing products LMFFM3006B Install furnishing products
Communication and teams MSAPMSUP102A: Communicate in the workplace
MSAPMSUP106A: Work in a team
Work documents LMFGN3001B: Read and interpret work documents
Hand and power tools LMFFM2001B: Use furniture making sector hand and power tools
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