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Meeting the foundation skills demands of training and work

This professional development resource has been developed to raise awareness of foundation skills issues amongst workers and learners in the Australian context. Its primary aim is to support the key messages outlined in a range of foundation skills documents developed by Government Skills Australia to support the newly endorsed Foundation Skills Training Package. The accompanying short videos aim to build awareness of the language, literacy and numeracy or ‘core’ skill demands of tasks embedded in work roles within the government and community safety industries.

This guide aims to provide vocational course developers, trainers and assessors with information about how to identify the foundation skills embedded in both work and training contexts. They are easily disguised in a variety of tasks and roles so often go unnoticed. This guide offers some strategies to develop an understanding of what foundation skills are, where they can be found and how they can be addressed in practical terms.

A suite of videos focusing on the core skills embedded in work tasks, including:

  • Routine reading skills in the workplace
  • Readings skills for following workplace instructions and procedures
  • Advance reading skills in the workplace
  • Oral communication skills in the workplace
  • Oral communication skills for workplace meetings
  • Oral communications for workplace presentations
  • Routine writing skills in the workplace
  • Advanced writing skills in the workplace
  • Routine numeracy skills in the workplace
  • Numeracy skills for working with tables, graphs and charts
  • Advanced numeracy skills in the workplace

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