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Foundation skills resources for CPC08 & CPP07

Resources to support implementation of the Foundation Skills Training Package in the Construction and Property Services industries.

These resources give trainers and assessors in the construction and property services industries access to a range of implementation resources which focus on key vocational areas or ‘skills clusters’.  For each cluster, there are three main resources plus attachments:

  • Delivery & Assessment Guide (resource for trainers and assessors which gives a suggested delivery strategy and assessment instrument for the units)
  • Case Study (resource for trainers and assessors which demonstrates a simple way to identify foundation skill development needs)
  • Participant Guide (resource for learners and workers which covers basic knowledge requirements for the units).

Each of these resources has been developed for the skills clusters below:

Property Services Clusters

  • Cluster 1: Communicate in the security workplace
  • Cluster 2: Work effectively in cleaning
  • Cluster 3: Work safely in property services
  • Cluster 4: Work sustainably in property services

Construction Clusters:

  • Cluster 1: Communicate in the construction workplace
  • Cluster 2: Plan & organise for construction work
  • Cluster 3: Measure & calculate for construction work
  • Cluster 4: Read & interpret plans & workplace documents

Attachments to resources include:

  • Appendix 1 to the Delivery & Assessment Guides:  Australian Core Skills Framework
  • Case Study Attachments and templates

Follow this link to access these resources.

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