Updated Professional Development Guide: WELL Considered

The professional development resource that supports the development of competencies required to plan an effective WELL training project and prepare a successful WELL training application has recently been updated and is now available for free download from the WELL practitioners’ website.

WELL Considered is a companion resource to WELL Implemented. How to Successfully Implement a WELL Training Project. A flier promoting the benefits of both resource has also been developed.

WELL Considered. How to Effectively Develop a WELL Training Solution and Prepare a Winning WELL Training Application is designed to be used by individuals involved in planning WELL training projects to assist them in clearly identifying business and training needs, developing a well structured training service that addresses those needs, and preparing a thorough, complete and successful WELL training application.

This resource includes the competencies needed to:

  • Acquire a clear understanding of the WELL Program as described by the WELL Training Guidelines
  • Gather information about an employer’s business needs, training needs and workplace communication skills needs
  • Develop an effective training solution to meet those needs
  • Prepare a WELL training application to successfully access WELL Program funds

For further information please contact Tina Berghella.

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