TAELLN401 as core unit in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

IBSA will incorporate the unit TAELLN401 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills into the core of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment by July 2014.

IBSA is responding to the Government’s strategy to address LLN issues using the VET system and VET professionals to deliver the vital LLN training. IBSA, as the ‘owner’ of the Training and Education Training Package, the VET system at large and VET professionals in general represent for government the most effective conduit through which the issues around LLN will be addressed.

For more information go to the announcement on the IBSA website and read the changes ahead report and case studies.

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3 Responses to TAELLN401 as core unit in Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  1. Gerry Plunkett says:

    I am very concerned with the proposed change to the TAE40110 core units to include the TAELLN401A unit.

    I believe that a “beginning” TAE candidate will not be able to meet the requirement of the unit as it is written, and propose that it stays as a core unit in the Diploma, but perhaps a “simpler/more straight forward” unit is written for the Cert IV.

    I totally agree that some in-depth LLN analysis should be a part of Cert IV, but I believe this unit will be too difficult for candidates to provide valid evidence for. In fact I believe that many experienced Trainers and Assessors would struggle with the unit as it is written (the only people I have assessed for this unit are a small number who actively participate in WELL projects integrated into workplace practice, and who also work with trainees and actively using training packages).

    The regular literacy tutor may work with the ACSF, and a regular trainer work with LLN embedded in training packages, but very few actively work in both areas.

    A beginning trainer/assessor trying to complete the Cert IV in Training and Assessment would possibly not have any real experience in either area.
    My fear is that there will be “simulated” activities (or worse – “assignments…”) to complete assessment tasks: not dimensions of competence, sufficiency and validity.

  2. Georgia says:

    I am an assessor who is doing this unit now. The unit running over
    A grand total of 1.5 days (10hrs) Did one day already and half a day to present out findings. Our class is mainly made up of experienced trainers and assessors. I am finding this extremely difficult. In fact this one unit alone is harder than the entire cert 4 in TAE and so much work and research is required. The worst part is that we were told that the purpose of the unit is to ‘make us more aware of LLN issues. 5 students with experience have already dropped out. It’s just so overwhelming what we need to produce and the amount if work/ research involved. This unit needs to be urgently addressed or we will all be out of jobs. No assessors = no qualified workforce. This unit needs to be delivered over a period of at least several days to 2 weeks with support. We were given loads of info where to look for info but just too much .

  3. Georgia says:

    I’m so very tired. It’s very late. Been up late so long trying to get organised for next weeks presentation that my ‘written’ language in my last post is terrible. Funny really! (Speaking of LLN)

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