Six reasons to participate in the AWPN

The Australian Workplace Practitioners’ Network (AWPN) supports the diverse foundation skills workforce.

No matter what your involvement in strengthening foundation skills in the workplace, AWPN participation helps connect you to other professionals in your field.

1. Build your network

The AWPN gives you access to a diverse community of professionals that are interested and motivated about building stronger foundation skills  in the workplace.

Other participants include:

  • Experienced LLN specialists
  • Workplace mentors and supervisors
  • Vocational trainers and assessors
  • Training managers
  • New entrants to the foundation skills field
  • Researchers
  • Resource developers
  • Industry representatives  and employers
  • Employer groups representatives
  • Peak bodies and unions
  • Industry Skills Council staff
  • Government policy makers, program managers and administrators

Take full advantage of face to face networking opportunities with other members at AWPN conferences and workshops and online through the AWPN LinkedIn Group. Participation provides an opportunity to make new connections, learn something new, present your stories and discuss shared challenges.

2. Access resources

The AWPN provides access to a central repository of essential professional development and learning resources specific to strengthening foundation skills in the workplace.

3. Build your skills and confidence

The AWPN offers professional development opportunities including a conference, face to face workshops and online webinars. Topics include government programs and policies, effective industry engagement, practitioner best practice and much more.

4. Keep up to date

The AWPN delivers the latest news and information to inspire and inform your work at and via regular e-newsletters. Topics include government policy and program updates, information about newly published resources, the latest research, professional development events and links to useful national and international events and websites.

5. Get involved

The AWPN offers many opportunities to get involved. Hone your leadership skills by joining the AWPN management committee.

Volunteering for the AWPN is a personally rewarding experience that enhances your personal and professional development. It’s also a great way to make new contacts with people who have a common professional interest and strengthening existing relationships.

Find out more about getting involved at .

6. Grow with us

In an environment that is continually changing, participation in the AWPN offers professional and collegial support that helps you to survive and prosper, perform better and raise your professional profile.