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Communicaty Services and Health Industry Skills Council has developed a new suite of tools that are available for workforce development.

The Workforce Planning Toolkit has been produced to guide and assist with the development and implementation of a workforce plan. It includes clear explanations of what is entailed in the workforce planning process and a series of customisable templates, along with checklists and factsheets to accompany each step.

Case Study Image WFD Toolkit

The Future Readiness Review (FRR) is a self-assessment tool designed to help managers and leaders of organisations review their business models and skills mix to support their organisation’s sustainability and readiness for change.

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The Guide to Collaborative Recruitment of New Employees was developed in response to a significant increase in workforce demand across the community services and health industry, and concerns from industry that the quality of education and training for the direct care workforce was not meeting the requirements for ‘right fit’ or ‘work ready’ graduates.

Collaborative Recruitment Guide

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