Report – UK employer views on Functional Skills qualifications

The education and training foundationUK employers are in favour of qualifications which provide practical maths and English skills, new research has found.  This study showed that 47% of larger employers know about Functional Skills. 87% of these value them for their approach to applied skills, flexible assessment and problem solving.

This is the first major study of UK employer views of qualifications in maths and English, in which 1400 employers, learners and training organisations have taken part.

Employers’ primary focus was the need for young people and adults with good practical maths and English skills, regardless of the specific qualification taken.

Practical knowledge and skills are highly sought after– knowledge such as a firm grasp of units of measurement; and skills such as mental arithmetic and approximation, listening, writing and speaking. There was a strong desire for provision which equips people with practical and applied skills–and employers are concerned that a lack of these skills could impact on business.

Download ‘Making maths and English work for all’ 

The Data Source for Making Maths and English Work for All – Conversations and Desk Research can be found at the following link

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