Report on low level qualifications

Role of lower-level qualifications in Australia’s vocational education and training system

Chandra Shah, Michael Long, Kate Perkins & Justin Brown, March 2015

Key messages:

  • Lower-level qualifications have multiple roles and are designed to meet both industry needs and social goals.
  • Stakeholders broadly agree that lower-level qualifications will continue to perform these roles in the medium term. New funding arrangements may affect some roles, particularly that of providing entry-level occupational-specific qualifications for existing workers.
  • Recent enrolment patterns in lower-level qualifications point to growth in enrolments, especially in VET in Schools (VETiS). The volatility in enrolments resulting from changes in funding arrangements, especially in Victoria and South Australia, makes it difficult to forecast trends. Enrolment patterns do, however, demonstrate the sensitivity of enrolments to changes in funding arrangements.’

Access the full report here.

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