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Setting up workers for success webinar – a fireside chat with John Molenaar and Tony Lane


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Understanding a learner’s needs, including LLN skill development needs and providing appropriate support are important to student success.  Ensuring that the learner is enrolled in an appropriate course and has the ability to complete the course is vital to the student success.  LLN support needs are usually associated with a diversity of other learning difficulties that the learner may face. It is important to understand what these are.

Both state and national RTO regulators and state RTO funding regulators have specific compliance requirements to ensure that the learner is adequately protected and that quality training and assessment services are provided.  An understanding of these requirements and how the compliance requirements can be met are essential to setting up students for success and meeting compliance requirements.

Topics covered

  • Effective workplace learning within a compliance framework – tips for compliance.
  • Factors that influence a learner’s successful completion of a course.
  • Compliance requirements of both RTO regulators and state funding authorities in ensuring a learner’s rights are protected and how these can be maintained.
  • The learner success/failure – implications for the RTO and workplace trainers/assessors.
  • Factors that influence a learner’s success or failure.
  • Reviewing a student’s learning experience.
  • The student learning cycle – from whoa to go.

Professional development outcomes

  • Understanding how learners are inadvertently set up for failure rather than success.
  • Understanding of compliance requirements to ensure that students succeed.
  • Strategies to ensure that learners are enrolled in an appropriate course, learner academic needs are identified and appropriate support is provided.
  • Reflection on a students’ effective learning cycle.

Target audience

    • New and experienced VET trainers and LLN specialists
    • Training managers
    • Resource developers


John Molenaar Tony Lane
 Picture1  Tony.Lane
Director, Manufacturing Learning Victoria

With a background in education, including primary teaching, secondary teaching, TAFE teaching, university lecturing (VET method) and Adult and Community Education involvement, John has experienced and provided leadership in a diversity of educational styles and approaches. He is also experienced at performing RTO audits for ASQA and the VRQA.

John has conducted a number of workshops and development sessions related to setting up students for success rather than failure.  

John was involved in the establishment of AWPN and continues as a member, with a keen interest in supporting quality workplace training and the trainers/assessors who provide this.

RTO Manager, The Management Edge

Tony Lane is the RTO Manager of The Management Edge and has been involved in workplace training for over 20 years.  He has seen the issues around workplace literacy first hand and has been involved with AWPN since its inception.  He is currently Treasurer of the Association.

He sees his challenge as how to apply the spirit and the law relating to learners with LLN issues while at the same time trying to run an economic business model.  The continual noise around compliance and learner engagement is both confusing and frightening. In this discussion with an experienced auditor, he hopes to discover tips and suggestions to make compliance, if not easier, at least more fathomable.

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