PD Resource – Numeracy in Focus

Numeracy in Focus is a free professional development resource to build practitioner workplace numeracy awareness including:

  • Identifying maths anxiety
  • Understanding the importance of numeracy
  • Raising awareness of numeracy in the workplace context
  • Raising awareness of workplace numeracy in the VET sector

Numeracy is an important core skill. All practitioners must be up to date and confident in their own numeracy skills, their numeracy training skills and their understanding of typical workplace numeracy activities.

This resource is designed to be used by practitioners who:

  • Have basic numeracy skills but need to update in respect to changing technology and numeracy practices
  • Have basic numeracy skills but need to contextualise to the world of work
  • Have numeracy skills but need to increase their numeracy confidence
  • Are reluctant to assess and teach numeracy skills in the workplace
  • Are not sure if their numeracy skills are sufficient to complete the Graduate Certificate in Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice

Numeracy in Focus. Building VET Practitioner Awareness of Numeracy in the Workplace

For more information contact Tina Berghella.


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