NFSS research: Stories from the field

You are invited to be a part of research titled ‘Stories From The Field’.


The Stories From The Field presentation is being used across Australia to capture the stories of LLN and Foundation Skills teachers. It is all about capturing stories from across our diverse field to look at how people became  LLN and Foundation Skills teachers,  what professional development journeys they have undertaken to build skills over time, and what motivates them to continue to work in our field.

This research is being carried out as part of the National Foundation Skills Workforce Development Project  and the diversity of stories will contribute to the national discussions and decisions on how to:

  • strengthen and diversify the identity of the foundation skills practitioner field
  • support professional expertise in foundation skills delivery, including exploring options for developing professional standards for LLN/Foundation Skills practitioners

There are no right or wrong answers – it is about personal reflection, write as little or as much as you choose, it is about sharing of experiences through your story and learning from one another.

Trigger questions posed are:

  • How did you start your career in LLN or foundation skills?
  • What were you doing before you moved into this area?
  • What motivates you to work in this profession?
  • How have you developed your professional skills and knowledge over time?
  • Can you describe any key points in your career that have helped shape the way you work in delivering LLN or foundation skills?
  • How do you renew your ideas and practices?
  • What professional development do you value?
  • How does the term ‘foundation skills’ relate to your work?
  • Would you recommend this profession to others? Why or why not?
  • What’s next in your LLN or foundation skills career?

Please use these questions as a springboard for your reflective thinking – and respond by writing your story.

Email your story directly to this email address:

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