National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17

nfls-bookletThe National Financial Literacy Strategy 2014-17 is led by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). It sets out a national direction for financial literacy and provides a practical framework for action across the government, business, community and education sectors.

The 2014 Strategy aims to improve the financial wellbeing of Australians by advancing their financial literacy. Bringing about a significant change in Australians’ financial literacy levels is a long-term journey that requires a multi-faceted and nationally co-ordinated approach, with sustained action by multiple stakeholders.

The associated Action Plan is relevant to practitioners involved in strengthening foundation skills in the workplace context. For example, core action 2.3 is Promote workplace-based financial literacy programs and includes:

  • Develop and promote resources for use by large and small businesses to build employee financial literacy
  • Encourage employers to deliver structured workplace financial literacy programs free to their employees

Find out more about the Strategy and the Action Plan here.


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