Industry Skills Fund update

$44 million youth streams announced under the Industry Skills Fund: Training for Employment Scholarships and Youth Employment Pathways

The Government will invest in two new innovative training programs to enable young job seekers in regional communities to successfully get a job and provide employers the skilled employees they need to grow their business. Training for Employment Scholarships and Youth Employment Pathways will boost skills and economic activity in regional areas and improve the job prospects of more than 10,000 young people.

Both initiatives will commence in March 2015 and will be delivered as part of the $44 million youth streams under the Industry Skills Fund.

Training for Employment Scholarships

This is a new employer-led approach that will enable small businesses to access wholly funded government training that is tailored to the training needs of their business.

Small-to-medium size employers in regional areas will be able to have the cost of up to 26 weeks of job-specific training for new employees reimbursed. The pilot will provide 7,500 training places for young people aged 18-24.

Training can be tailored to the specific requirements of the job and needs of the young person. An employer will have flexibility to negotiate with the approved training provider(s) a training program of up to 26 weeks. It may deliver skills and capabilities such as:

•             Literacy, language and numeracy support

•             Soft skills such as working in a team

•             Business skills – such as budgeting, computer literacy

•             Short courses/licences

 Youth Employment Pathways

This pilot will assist young Australians in regional areas to identify and successfully start on the path to their chosen career by returning to school, starting vocational education training or moving into the workforce.

The trial will provide 3,000 places for young people aged 15-18. Community service organisations will identify individual participants and their specific training needs. They will then get them the training they need and provide them with case management support to complete their training.

For more detailed information about the new youth streams visit the VET Reform website or see the attached Factsheet – ISF Youth Streams.

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