Financial literacy – Exploring financial personalities

We all have a financial personality that influences our financial decisions. By reflecting on our own financial personalities and helping our learners to explore their financial personality we can identify strengths and address weaknesses.


A free online Getting Sorted Quiz has been developed by The Beddoes Institute based on formal research tools such as the Consideration of Future Consequences scale (Strathman et al 1994), the Paranormal Scale (Jones et al 1977), the Luck Scale (Stanovich 1989), the Superstitious Scale (Epstein 1989), the Actively Openminded Thinking Scale (Stanovich 1997).

  • Take the quiz to find out more about your financial personality.
  • Find out more about financial personalities in this article in the Brisbane Times.
  • Access the MoneySmart website to find resources to support learners to develop their financial literacy skills.
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