AWPN State and Territory Representatives – Nominations now open

awpn-logo-notext-AWPN Members are advised that nominations for all State and Territory AWPN Representatives are now open and that the elections will take place during the third week of December 2015.

All members are encouraged to nominate themselves or another member, and participate in the elections in their state or territory.

For information about becoming a member of the AWPN with voting and nomination rights, please visit our membership page.

For information about the structure of AWPN Management Committee and a list of the current State and Territory AWPN Representatives please visit this page.

Election teleconference dates and times

The elections will be conducted via teleconference at the dates and times listed below.

The dial-in details are: Telephone number: 1800 857 029 Guest access code: 215 362 98#.

State/ Territory Date AEDT Local Time
VIC 15 Dec 10 am 10 am
QLD 15 Dec 4 pm 3 pm(Brisbane time)
NSW 16 Dec 10 am 10 am
TAS 16 Dec 1 pm 1 pm
NT 16 Dec 4 pm 2:30 pm(Darwin time)
SA 17 Dec 10:30 am 10 am(Adelaide time)
ACT 18 Dec 10 am 10 am
WA 18 Dec 4 pm 1 pm(Perth time)

Election rules

The rules are as follows:

  1. Where only one person is nominated for a position, they will be declared the AWPN representative for that state or territory.
  2. Where more than one member is nominated for a position, there will be a ballot during the teleconference. Tina Berghella will conduct the ballot.
  3. Before the ballot is taken, each candidate may make a short speech in support of his or her election at the teleconference. If they cannot attend the teleconference, their short speech can be read out by their proxy.
  4. Members will send their votes via email to or SMS to 0414 749 508 including the name of the candidate they are voting for.
  5. Each individual and organisational member must be from that state or territory and may cast one vote.
  6. Individual and organisational members can identify proxies to vote on their behalf if they cannot attend the meeting.
  7. Tina will collect and tally the votes. The candidate who receives the most votes will be declared the elected rep. Voting records (emails and SMS) will be destroyed once they are tallied.
  8. If there is a tie, a decision will be made by the toss of a coin with the agreement of the candidates.
  9. Candidates who are not elected for a position may choose to accept the proxy of that position (i.e. support the elected rep).

AWPN State and Territory Representative Role and Responsibilities

Role: To provide governance to AWPN Inc on a voluntary basis.


  • Duty of care and good faith
  • Duty to disclose perceived or actual conflict of interest (material or personal interest)
  • Duty not to improperly use position or information
  • Duty to maintain confidentiality of AWPN member and subscriber information
  • Duty not to allow the AWPN Inc to trade while insolvent

Major Tasks:
State and Territory representatives provide a range of services. They:

  • Represent their State/Territory needs (not individual or private business interests)
  • Coordinate State/Territory workshops (e.g. content, date and location, speakers)
  • Report State and Territory activities to the admin person to ensure AWPN information is centralised
  • Participate in planning for the future of AWPN
  • Actively promote AWPN, AWPN membership and membership benefits within the AWPN guidelines
  • Participate in State and Territory Representatives meetings and AWPN AGM
  • Abide by the AWPN Code of Conduct (yet to be developed)
  • Participate in regular review of AWPN programs
  • Commit to decisions agreed by the Committee
  • Seek nominations for election of committee members (State/Territory reps) as appropriate
  • Plan and promote committee succession to ensure sustainability of AWPN
  • Comply with legislation relating to Australian Registered Bodies, use of government funds and employment law



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  1. TAFE SA as organisational member of AWPN would like to nominate Wing-Yin Chan Lee to be AWPN SA Representative

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