AWPN National Conference 2015 – Assessing LLN skills


What is the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT)?

Why was FSAT developed and what will it support us to do?

Will FSAT be useful or will it be an imposition?

The Australian Government has contracted the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to develop an online Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT) to identify and assess an individual’s foundation skill levels.  The tool will be available free to assist learners, job seekers, trainers, educators and employment services practitioners to assess their own or a client’s foundation skill levels, and help identify any gaps in skills and knowledge.

Find out about the FSAT story, and what it could mean for you and your work from David Tout, Senior Research Fellow and Manager, Vocational, Adult and Workplace Education, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and Philippa McLean, Director, Escalier McLean Consulting.

What can we learn from the experiences of others?

Also find our about the the New Zealand Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool: What is it? What can it tell you (as employer, tutor, manager, etc.) and what can it not tell you?

Professor Diana Coben will introduce conference delegates to the New Zealand Assessment Tool and offer some thoughts from the perspective of the New Zealand National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults. Cushla Wilson will offer a perspective from Careerforce.

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