AWPN National Conference 2015

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The Australian Workplace Practitioners’ Network AWPN National Conference 2015 was held 18 to 20 March 2015, at the Jasper Hotel, Melbourne, Australia. The theme for the conference was Refresh Rebrand Re-engage: Foundation Skills at Work.

The AWPN welcomed attendees from across government, vocational education and training and industry who are interested and invested in foundation skills strengthening in the workplace. The event stimulated discussion, knowledge sharing, and professional networking.

The 2015 AWPN National Conference 2015 brought together VET professionals, policymakers and industry to focus on foundation skills strengthening in the workplace.

The conference focused on how policy makers, program managers, VET professionals and industry can work together to build the highly skilled and innovative workforce needed to compete in global markets. What are the new Australian Government policies and programs and how do they work? How can we work together to ensure industry has the skilled and productive workforce it needs? How can we best support an industry-led, sophisticated and flexible VET system?

Who attended?

Foundation skills strengthening is a shared responsibility, whether they are an experienced LLN specialist, a recently qualified vocational trainer or a workplace supervisor. Newcomers to the field also gained much from the event.

Welcomed were:

  • New and experienced LLN specialists
  • New and experienced vocational trainers and assessors
  • Training managers
  • Resource developers
  • Employers and employer groups
  • Industry Skills Councils
  • Industry peak bodies
  • Unions
  • Government
  • Policy makers
  • Program managers

Speakers and presentations

Our sponsors and contributors

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