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The AWPN is pleased to announce that the Funding Agreement for our 2013/2014 Strategic Project has been signed and delivered.

The project is designed to support WELL practitioner professional development and promote the activities of those involved in WELL Program projects through Australia.

It addresses the foundation skills needs of industry throughout Australia by directly supporting the professional development needs of WELL practitioners and ensuring that the relevance and immediacy of information is maintained, best practices are shared and new ideas are communicated. The project will promote the work of WELL Brokers and Industry Skills Councils and the important role of the WELL Program as a platform for effective skill building.

The Project supports broader industry objectives and existing training programs including:

  • The National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults in all four key priority areas
  • National workforce development policy
  • Government initiatives such as the WELL Program and Skills Connect
  • WELL Broker activities
  • ISC foundation skills projects and activities
  • VET products such as the implementation of the Foundation Skills Training Package
  • Tried and tested mechanisms for communicating broader industry objectives and sharing practice
  • The consideration of strategic and dynamic ideas and approaches
  • Opportunities for practitioner development and reflection

A significant strategic focus will be strengthening connections with stakeholders including AWPN members and subscribers, the Department of Industry, Industry Skills Councils and WELL Brokers. The project’s activities include a national conference, eight strategic forums around Australia, seven workshops around Australia and a communications strategy. WELL practitioners often work as part of a small team within an RTO but in isolation from other practitioners within the WELL environment. By providing a variety of events for all stakeholders in WELL, all participants benefit from currency of knowledge and practices.

The conference will address national practitioner needs and the state/territory workshops will address local practitioner needs. The state/territory forums are much more ambitious challenging WELL practitioners to look beyond day to day needs, focus on the big picture and contribute to AWPN’s strategic plan that will clarify who we are, our goals and actions. These activities will be supported and enhanced by a communications strategy designed to inform, support and engage WELL practitioners.

Stay tuned for more information.

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