Approval of new WELL contracts update

The festive season may be over but for those organisations with WELL applications submitted and waiting for approval it has been a long time between drinks. No WELL applications have been approved since the 5th August 2013 due to a series of events. First there was application of caretaker conventions associated with the Federal election, followed by a period where the new Minister was being briefed and now we have the National Commission of Audit. The Audit commenced on the 22nd October 2013, is due to be reported to the Prime Minister, Treasurer, and the Minister for Finance by the end of March 2014 and is expected to inform the May 2014 Federal budget. The Terms of Reference can be found here. There is also an associated Senate inquiry that was established on the 11th December 2013. Recent media reports have suggested that the Audit may not meet its own deadline. Whilst the situation is not ideal, please keep in mind that the delays areĀ  due to reasons that are much bigger than the WELL Program.

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