Applications open – ACPET’s LLN capable project


Are you interested in securing your RTO’s LLN advantage?

In the first half of 2014 ACPET received WELL strategic project funding, to partner with RTOs who are interested in stepping up their Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) capabilities. Upon successful completion of this  project ACPET is proud to announce the second LLN capable project.

ACPET will select 15 high-quality private providers to take part in a fully subsidised, national mentoring project. Successful applicants will be supported to become LLN-capable RTOs, through a good practice model that will systemically build their whole-of-RTO LLN capability.

What will my RTO and my workforce gain?

If your RTO participates in the project, your RTO will gain the following:

  • Develop LLN capability across three key areas: Management, Compliance and Training/Assessment,
  • achieve and have ongoing capability to maintain both social inclusion requirements and practitioner LLN skills requirements,
  • be in a powerful position to build its LLN expertise and take advantage of the opportunities to service Australia’s LLN skills training demand, and
  • your efforts will be showcased during the project and through a final recorded event that will celebrate and promote your achievements, including via social media.

How ACPET will support you

If your RTO is selected to participate, you will receive:

  • mentoring tailored to the level of your RTO’s LLN capability as identified at the beginning of the project (beginners/intermediate),
  • mentoring during the project, to help you develop and implement a LLN product or service, tailored to your client needs,
  • access to the support of an LLN expert, who specialises in the private VET sector, for the duration of the project,
  • ongoing support through online workshops, site visits and entry into management, compliance and trainer/assessor communities of practice, and
  •  participation in 4 LLN professional development workshops for your staff.

Commitment to the project

  • Your RTO must demonstrate that it is a high-quality and low risk private provider,
  • your RTO must already have some engagement with LLN, at one of the two identified levels:
    • beginner’s steam – if your RTO has a basic or ad hoc engagement with LLN, or
    • intermediate stream -if your RTO engages with LLN but wishes to integrate it in a more systematic way across the organisation.
  • you must commit 3 members of your workforce, representing management, compliance and training/assessment, all of whom will be required to participate in designated project activities during the project.
    Please note: RTO representatives may be the same staff member in some instances.

How do I apply?

All interested private RTOs must submit a formal Expression of Interest (EOI) to apply for participation, no later than 5:00pm AEDT, Friday 24 October 2014, by email only to Sheila Douglas, ACPET LLN Capable Project Coordinator.

To attend a complimentary information webinar on Friday 17 October, 2014 3pm to 4pm (AEDT) please contact Leah Griffith to register for this session.

To download the EOI Guidelines, click here.

If you have any queries about the project, please email Sheila Douglas or telephone Sheila at (03) 9412 5900.

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