A Short History of the AWPN

The Australian Workplace Practitioners’ Network (AWPN) was formed in Sydney in November 2008 at our second conference. The idea was first suggested at the inaugural Australian conference in Melbourne 2007 and then followed up in January 2008 by a group of representatives from around Australia who decided that a professional association was needed to support ongoing professional development. This led to the development of a draft Statement of Purpose that was approved at the first meeting of the AWPN in November 2008.

The purpose of the AWPN is to promote positive communication between practitioners, Registered Training Organisations, employers and the Australian government, and to promote professional development opportunities for practitioners involved with foundation skills strengthening in the workplace.

The AWPN is governed by a team of state and territory representatives elected by the members who meet regularly to discuss the organisation of the Network. During 2013, the AWPN formalised its status, sought incorporation as an Incorporated Association and registered as an Australian Registered Body. At this point the coordination role of AWPN was assumed by the elected Committee of Management and the elected Office Bearers.

In 2007, the first AWPN National Conference was held in Melbourne. Since then the conference has been held in Sydney (2008), Adelaide (2009), Melbourne (2010), Sydney (2011), Brisbane (2012) and Melbourne (2013). The conferences have been generously supported by a many organisations.

The AWPN’s website at www.awpn.com.au is maintained by the AWPN and includes a blog, events listing and a collection of resources for download.

The AWPN is grateful to the Australian government, organisations and individual members who have supported its activities over the years.