2012 WELL Conference location

Thanks to everyone who responded to our online survey. We received 41 responses from
around Australia identifying Melbourne (40%) as the preferred location followed
by Brisbane (34%) and Hobart (26%).

At our last conference Cairns was suggested as a possible location. Of the 41
responses we received 91% said they were likely to attend the 2012 conference.
When asked if they would attend the conference if it was located in Cairns this
figure dropped to 41% mainly due to cost considerations.

More details about the survey results can be found here.

Please let us know what you think of these results and where the conference should be
located by posting a comment. A decision about the location has not been made
and your opinion counts.

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15 Responses to 2012 WELL Conference location

  1. Jane Barrett says:

    Think it’s fair to have the conference either in Qld, WA or Tas , those people have had to travel to Melbourne , Syd , several times
    Good to try a different location , not used before
    With plenty of notice , cheap fares can be purchased

  2. Michele Broad says:

    I also think cost is not cost effective for people to attend. I work for a government provider and there is already limited resources to send staff. Cairns would mean our staff wouldn’t attend.

  3. Tony Lane says:

    Prefer Melbourne for purely selfish reasons

  4. Jacqui Walsh says:

    Brisbane has lovely conferencing facilities at Southport. Direct flights from all capital cities as well as a train straight to the city. Or Gold Coast?

  5. Margaret Regan says:

    Would prefer that the conference not be in Melbourne…this was the location as recently as 2010. I vote for Tassie. Is more affordable for Eastern seaboard folk, but does disadvantage those from the west.

  6. Ros Scheuch says:

    Brisbane, Hobart or Melbourne would be fine for we Sydney-ites.

  7. Bee Roberts says:

    From the responses it appears that Melbourne might be the most cost effective and practical place to hold the conference.

  8. Stephen Ryan says:

    Being an employee of a Government Department (NSW) I would find it difficult to obtain the funding approval for Cairns. If Cairns does go ahead as the preferred location could video conferencing be an option ?

  9. Tiffany Koh says:

    We had the conference in Melbourne just the year before. It will be nice to have it in a different location not just Melbourne, Adelaide and NSW hosting WELL conferences.

  10. Nicole Schemionek says:

    Prefer Melbourne as well. Will defenitly attend if conference is held in Melbourne this year.

  11. Lorraine Sushames says:

    I agree with Jane. People living away from the southern capitals can miss out on many opportunites for professional development if events are always held in Sydney or Melbourne. It’s good to try a fresh location, as well as contribute to the local economy. If organisational budgets are tight (as ours is), there is the option of cost splitting with the employer or possibly self funding and claiming expenses back on tax. Travel anywhere from WA or NT is always expensive, so I have no personal preference. The 2012 ACAL conference is to be held in Hobart in September, so perhaps consider Tasmania for next year.

  12. Melbourne is always a good choice considering location and logitics for organising the conference. If Melbourne is the most popular choice, can find a venue that can make a difference from previous ones.

  13. Bonni yeatman says:

    Well, I’d like to suggest Alice Springs – it would be roughly equidistant to most single air fares – the weather is fine scenery great and conference facilities plentiful – an interesting location for educators in particular to experience , with particular educational issues of distance, remoteness and intracultural teaching…

  14. Rhonda Pelletier says:

    At the Sydney conference there was a chap from some distant place in WA – remarkable. Finding a place that is different and more accessible to distant practitioners and providers seems fair and, perhaps, timely. Bonnie’s suggestion of the Alice is not bad – there was an ACAL conference there in 2003 (?) and I remember there being a good turnout.

    • Lorraine Sushames says:

      I also like the idea of a conference in Alice – costs will be similar for everyone and that seems fair and equitable. ACAL did hold a conference there in 2003 which was outstandingly successful, and another in Darwin in 2010, which had to close off registrations before the event as the numbers registered exceeded the capacity of the venue.

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